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  • HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL v1.8.1 super hot
    HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL component converts HTML and ASP files into good-looking RTF with tables, images, CSS etc. Output rtf file is smaller than input HTML. The DLL component doesn't require any word-processors. You can use it in Visual Basic, C#, VB.Net, Delphi, Java. Component supports: - converting images (.gif, .jpg and .png) - tables and nested tables; - hyperlinks; - font face, color, size; - page alignment; - bold, italic and underline;
    URL: http://www.sautinsoft.com/products/html-to-rtf/index.php (Hits: 6014, Rating (Rate it): 4.6)
  • HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL COM, Win32 v1.0 super hot
    HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL is designed as a standalone solution, which does not require Microsoft Word or any other word processors to produce RTF conversions. Once embedded, the component enables the application to convert HTML, XHTML to RTF, DOC and plain text in ASCII or Unicode, exporting webpages in English and non-English languages, such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean.
    URL: http://www.htmltortf.com/convert-html-to-rtf-withphp/component-html-text-to-rtf-withphp.php (Hits: 1684, Rating (Rate it): 0)
  • http://www.phanderson.com super hot updated
    Many diffrent C tutorials, functions, and Algorithms
    URL: http://www.phanderson.com/C/ (Hits: 12420, Rating (Rate it): 2.71428571428571)
  • Infrequently Asked Questions super hot updated
    Certain topics never (well, hardly ever) come up on this newsgroup. They are stupid questions, to which the answers are immediately obvious, but they would be more fun to talk about than these arcane details of loop control.
    URL: http://www.seebs.net/faqs/c-iaq.html (Hits: 11828, Rating (Rate it): 2.28571428571429)
  • iPod Encoder Directshow Filter super hot
    iPod Encoder Filter is a powerful ipod encoder that allows write to ipod video file m4v in any Directshow base application. For example - video capture, video converter, video editing application. Support encode ipod video file in any Directshow base application. Support MP4, H.264 video codec, AAC audio codec. Support different ipod profiles. Compatible with any programming language that supports Directshow Include vc++ sample
    URL: http://www.mainmediasoft.com/products/ipodencoder/ (Hits: 5145, Rating (Rate it): 2.8)
  • J. Blustein's C Programming Resources super hot
    Scholarly resource for CompSci undergraduates; page includes articles on debugging and learning C.
    URL: http://www.csd.uwo.ca/~jamie/C/ (Hits: 10275, Rating (Rate it): 1)
  • K. N. King - Programming Language Books and Training super hot
    The website of K. N. King. Here you'll find information about his books and short courses. You'll also find his recommendations for books on programming and other computer-related subjects, and his links to programming-related sites.
    URL: http://knking.com/ (Hits: 10076, Rating (Rate it): 2.42857142857143)
  • Miraplacid Publisher v4.2 super hot
    Miraplacid Publisher converts any printable documents to images. Miraplacid Publisher supports following output formats: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, TGA and Web Presentation. Scale the image as you need, set output format and compression ratio, turn on borders auto detector to get rid of white unused borders. When redirecting to a printer, reduce saturation to save color cartridge or increase value to save black ink.
    URL: http://www.miraplacid.com (Hits: 9190, Rating (Rate it): 2.28571428571429)
  • Movie to Flash SDK v1.0 super hot
    GeoVid Movie to Flash SDK allows you to include video to flash conversion into your own application. You can convert any video files to flash FLV or SWF. You do not need to know DirectShow or Video Edition to create flash from video. Movie to Flash SDK accept all video codecs whitch installed at your system and you need only install new video codec to support new video formats.
    URL: http://www.geovid.com/Movie_to_Flash_SDK/ (Hits: 6295, Rating (Rate it): 2.8)
  • NSIS_Script_Editor v2.0 super hot
    NSIS Script Editor - the best way to creating and maintaining NSIS install scripts quick and easy. This program is intended for convenient work with configuration files of Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS). -Works with all versions of NSIS -Translatable interface to many language -Advanced syntax highlighting -Easy and useful template maker -Inno Setup scripts to NSIS scripts converter -And more!
    URL: http://www.labour-saving.com/nsis/nsis.html (Hits: 7007, Rating (Rate it): 1.6)

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