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  • 1 C++ Street super hot
    C++ tutorials and source code. Very large.
    URL: http://www.1cplusplusstreet.com (Hits: 25617, Rating (Rate it): 2)
  • Active TTS Component v2.0.2006.0226 super hot
    Directly convert text to wav, text to mp3, text to wma, text to ogg, text to vox, text to au and text to aiff format on the fly without temporary files created. Convert text to speech at high speed and save your disk's life as well Show progress when speaking or converting text Support SAPI4 or SAPI5 compliant voices. Convert mp3 to Macromedia flash format, so you can convert text to swf and add mp3 stream speech to web site in realtime
    URL: http://www.guangmingsoft.net/activetts/index.htm (Hits: 10321, Rating (Rate it): 2.375)
  • An Exceptional Quest super hot
    An in depth discussion of C++ exceptions, and how to write exception-safe code when using them.
    URL: http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article1372.asp (Hits: 17913, Rating (Rate it): 2.2)
  • Beyond the ARM super hot
    Explains the changes made to the C++ language by the joint ISO/ANSI C++ committee since Bjarne Stroustrup's ARM (Annotated Reference Manual) was published
    URL: http://www.corfield.org/cplusplus.phtml (Hits: 17663, Rating (Rate it): 1.4)
  • C++ 4 u super hot
    C++ 4u web site designed to help students learn C, C++, Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis and related courses</P> <P><BR>C++ 4u collection of resources for C++ students including tutorials, books, reviews, links. An expert answers your question in the forum.
    URL: http://www.cpp4u.com (Hits: 12647, Rating (Rate it): 3)
  • C++ Annotations Version 5.1.0b super hot updated
    A site intended for knowledgeable users of C who would like to make the transition to the C++ programming language.
    URL: http://www.icce.rug.nl/documents/cplusplus/ (Hits: 16954, Rating (Rate it): 1.18181818181818)
  • C++ Debugging super hot updated
    Examines the strengths and weaknesses of assertions, exceptions, logging, return values, etc. as debugging tools.
    URL: http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article1344.asp (Hits: 15530, Rating (Rate it): 1.5)
  • C++ Forums super hot updated
    Discussions about general C++ programming, game programming, Windows programming, and Unix/Linux specifics.
    URL: http://www.cpp-home.com/forum/index.php (Hits: 17096, Rating (Rate it): 1.1)
  • C++ Glossary super hot
    A glossary of terms related to C++.
    URL: http://www.glenmccl.com/glos.htm (Hits: 15595, Rating (Rate it): 2.45454545454545)
  • C++ Home super hot
    This site has many tutorials put into very powerful database. Also has code, news, links to other C/C++/C# sites, interviews with programmers, Forums and many other things...
    URL: http://www.cpp-home.com/ (Hits: 23098, Rating (Rate it): 3.64285714285714)

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