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  • Programmershelp: C++ Section super hot
    A collection of resources for C++ programmers including tutorials, books, reviews, links.
    URL: http://www.programmershelp.co.uk/c++.php (Hits: 10099, Rating (Rate it): 1.33333333333333)
  • RapidDriver v2.0.1.21 super hot
    RapidDriver is intelligent tool for driver development, PC hardware analysis and debugging. Install your new hardware, create a new RapidDriver project, and then select your device from the list of PnP devices that are auto-detected by RapidDriver. - Discover and debug your device with RapidDriver Explorer - Build user mode application with RapidDrtiver Developer - Create your own device driver with RapidDriver Source Builder
    URL: http://www.entechtaiwan.com/dev/rapid/index.shtm (Hits: 6658, Rating (Rate it): 3.25)
  • Simple File I/O Using C++ super hot
    Covers the basics of stream-based I/O in C++.
    URL: http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article1127.asp (Hits: 9622, Rating (Rate it): 1.33333333333333)
  • SmartDB super hot
    It is a pioneering C++ Software/ Application development toolkit which lets you rapidly and efficiently develop, industrial strength, data intensive, Business/ERP/Database applications. It contains specialized IDE & debugger, database, spreadsheet, etc.
    URL: http://sdb.net.in (Hits: 1688, Rating (Rate it): 0)
  • SQL Server Data Access Components v4.00 super hot
    SDAC is a VCL/VCL .NET/CLX component library for fast direct access to SQL Server from Delphi and C++Builder. SDAC supports all SQL Server data types and functionality, including MARS, bulk copy operations and reliable messaging. Main advantages include direct access to server data, full support of the latest versions of SQL Server, including Express and Compact editions, advanced local data handling, and optimized code base.
    URL: http://www.crlab.com/sdac/ (Hits: 5795, Rating (Rate it): 3.5)
  • Techniques for Scientific C++ super hot updated
    This report summarizes useful techniques for implementing scientific programs in C++, with an emphasis on using templates to improve performance.
    URL: http://www.cs.indiana.edu/cgi-bin/techreports/TRNNN.cgi?trnum=TR542 (Hits: 9687, Rating (Rate it): 2.16666666666667)
  • The Association of C and C++ Users super hot
    The ACCU is a non-profit organisation devoted to professionalism at all levels in C, C++ and Java.
    URL: http://www.accu.org/ (Hits: 9545, Rating (Rate it): 3.71428571428571)
  • The Bench++ Benchmark Suite super hot updated
    The Bench++ suite is designed to measure the performance of the code generated by C++ compilers.
    URL: http://www.ddj.com/184410688 (Hits: 9851, Rating (Rate it): 1)
  • The C++ Programming Language super hot
    Bjarne Stroustrup's information page about the programming language. Also contains links to other sites.
    URL: http://www.research.att.com/~bs/C++.html (Hits: 19000, Rating (Rate it): 1.5)
  • The C++ Resources Network super hot
    Includes references, tutorials, and a forum section where users can share their problems and ideas.
    URL: http://www.cplusplus.com/ (Hits: 9420, Rating (Rate it): 2.83333333333333)

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