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  • ClearImage PDF417 v5.5 super hot updated
    Easily develop robust VB, C++, Delphi and other applications, to rapidly recognize PDF417 2D barcodes from scanned, faxed or camera images (TIFF, PDF, JPG). Recognize the barcode in few miliseconds, even from poor quality or heavily damaged images. Take advantage of this modern, high density, robust code to create high value applications. Free SDK support COM servers and .NET managed code and offers free consulting to developers.
    URL: (Hits: 9391, Rating (Rate it): 3.57142857142857)
  • ClearImage QR v5.7 super hot
    Read QR 2D Barcode from PDF, TIFF, JPG, images from scanner, fax or camera, with high reliability and accuracy. Decode many ECC200 DataMatrix single or multi symbols, in any orientation, from poor quality images with .NET and COM APIs. Source code examples for VB, visual basic, visual C++, VB.NET, delphi, c++, c#, ASP and other development environments make it easy to develop sophisticated workflow applications. Free SDK for developers
    URL: (Hits: 2999, Rating (Rate it): 4)
  • ClearImage SDK v5.5 super hot updated
    Easily develop fast reliable applications to recognize poor quality Code 39 Code 128 PDF417 UPC UCC Postnet 2of5 DataMatrix and many other barcodes from document images. Automatically Improve Denoise Deskew Rotate and manipulate scanned or faxed images. ClearImage FREE SDK contains the ActiveX tools to Evaluate, Develop, Test and Deploy image data capture applications in Visual Basic, C++ and Delphi. Comes with FREE professional consulting
    URL: (Hits: 5992, Rating (Rate it): 2)
  • ClearImage Tools v5.5 super hot updated
    Professional tools with .NET and COM API support extensive image manipulation, quality assurance, forms processing and other operations, in a fully automated batch framework, offer powerful functions intuitive controls and rock solid reliability. Create precise set of operations and logic flows to match your equipment capabilities, process requirements and specific image population. FREE SDK includes FREE professional services.
    URL: (Hits: 8428, Rating (Rate it): 1.57142857142857)
  • Clever Internet .NET Suite v7.0 Beta super hot updated
    The suite of Clever Internet components presents the most efficient and convenient way of accessing Internet resources from your applications. Using the Clever Internet Suite, you can implement many useful Internet-related features: Downloading, uploading and submitting of Internet resources, sending and receiving MIME messages, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP and NNTP clients, SMTP, POP3, IMAP and FTP server components and more...
    URL: (Hits: 4065, Rating (Rate it): 4)
  • Clever Internet Suite v7.0 super hot updated
    The Clever Internet Suite is the native Delphi VCL for Borland Delphi/C ++Builder with no external dependencies. The suite of the Clever Internet components presents the most efficient and convenient way of accessing Internet resources from your applications. The suite includes more than 40 components for Internet development and its code is constantly being refined and improved.
    URL: (Hits: 4103, Rating (Rate it): 4)
  • CNC Syntax Editor v2.0.2.25 super hot updated
    You can probably name several all-inclusive CNC editor tools, but it is still a problem to find a good CNC editor program. CNC Syntax Editor is a feature-packed G code editor, offering highlighting of program syntax. It has a comfortable and intuitive interface both for beginners and advanced programmers. It visually splits commands and coordinates into tabbed groups. Why waste time on lesser solutions? Try CNC Syntax Editor for FREE today!
    URL: (Hits: 4967, Rating (Rate it): 1)
  • Code Visual to Flow chart super hot
    Code Visual to Flowchart is an automatic flow chart generator software , It can reverse engineering a program , create programming flowchart from code, mostly used on flowcharting a program and documenting source code . It can generate Bmp,Visio,Word,Excel and Powerpoint flowcharts document . It supports C ,C++ ,JAVA ,VB ,VBA ,VBSCRIPT ,DELPHI,C#,VB.NET,JavaScript,Qbasic,PowerBuilder,PHP,FoxPro,PL/SQL,T-SQl.
    URL: (Hits: 4645, Rating (Rate it): 1)
  • Code Warehouse 2007 super hot
    Whenever you read a books, browse the internet you found a lot of useful pieces of code snippets which can be reused in your applications. You are trying to save this information in documents, saved web pages, remarks and so on. But when you need it is difficult to find it because you use different types of formats, store in different places and there are no any structure. Here comes the Code Warehouse 2007.
    URL: (Hits: 3513, Rating (Rate it): 1.33333333333333)
  • Coherent PDF Toolkit for .NET v1.0 super hot updated
    Professional .NET component for manipulating PDF files. Split, merge, linearize, scale, rotate, crop, encrypt, decrypt, watermark, bookmark, annotate, attach, impose etc. Full manual provided.
    URL: (Hits: 3294, Rating (Rate it): 2.33333333333333)

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