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  • Screen OCR SDK Library v5.5 super hot
    OCR (Optical Character Recognition) based solution, which makes it work precisely and incredibly fast and allows capture text even if some custom fonts are used. Screen OCR SDK can be used in different types of software like automation software, dictionaries and translation tools, organizer applications, etc. While most computer programs can make copies of text and paste it, but not all screens or programs have these edit features.
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  • Screen Scraping Library v3.1 super hot
    Screen Scraping Library helps software developers integrate new projects with existing and legacy software by capturing text from all types of windows. The screen scraper library makes it possible to capture and recognize text from GUI and console windows, Web pages and graphical images, and even full-screen applications with fancy fonts by using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technologies.
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  • Screen Text OCR SDK Library v10.0 super hot
    Screen OCR SDK Library is a powerful OCR library for software developers who want to add optical character recognition functionality to their software projects. When made available as a component to your software projects, your customers will be able to use it to capture text from any source. Text capture can also be automated, feeding text directly into the program from any text displayed on the screen.
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  • SDProtector Pro v1.12 super hot
    SDProtector is a powerful tool offering both software developers and distributors a protection of software products against unauthorized copying, use and uses RSA1024, API functions, new anti-debug tricks, active protection against dumping from memory and tracers.With SDProtector it's easy to turn your application in trial version, offering everything to guarantee a maximum protection against piracy,backdating,reverse-engineering.
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  • Seapine Software super hot
    Seapine Software’s development tools put you in control of your quality, source code, and costs. Manage your source code with Surround SCM, track your defects and bugs with TestTrack Pro, and automate your QA process with QA Wizard.
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  • Search for ASP.NET super hot updated
    Add an ASP.NET search engine to your website, quickly and easily. Search for ASP.NET provides a powerful search engine for web-sites and web apps. Quick and easy to setup, search functionality can can be added in minutes. Visit for details
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  • SecureBlackbox super hot updated
    SecureBlackbox is a comprehensive component collection that adds Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) support to your application. PKI includes X.509 certificates, certificate requests, storages and revokations lists.
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  • Sequence Diagram Editor v1.6 super hot
    Windows modeling tool that simplifies and speeds up the creation and maintenance of UML sequence diagrams, telecom/wireless call flow diagrams and process workflow diagrams. Sequence Diagram Editor performs automatic layout/formatting (across multiple pages if necessary) and supports additional drawing elements like states, actions, timers and scenarios. You can print diagrams directly or export to PDF/RTF.
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  • Serail Port Monitor ActiveX v3.0 super hot
    Serial Port Monitor ActiveX Control detects serial port activity, determines all applications that work with serial port as well as controls serial port directly within your application.. Stability and speed of ActiveX component was greatly improved in this version, new methods and properties were added. This component can be easily extended with your own functionality, delivering new creative opportunities to serial port application development.
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  • Serial Monitor Device Monitoring Studio v5.22.00.1627 super hot
    Software serial port monitor Rs232 sniffer with protocol analyzer and packet data logger. This monitoring utility can spy, capture, view, log, analyze, test com ports activity performing com port connection and traffic analysis with data acquisition and control. You can use this system as device interface testing tool, modem data transfer viewer and so on.
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