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  • SQLite Diff v1.18 super hot updated
    SQLite Diff is a graphical comparison tool for SQLite database files, comparing both the schema and the data. Schema results include comparisons of tables/columns, triggers, indexes and views. Changed SQL code including trigger SQL, index creation SQL, view creation SQL code and changed data records are displayed as colorized highlighted text to make it easier to see the differences between the compared files.
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  • SQLServerPrint 2005 v9.0.21 super hot updated
    Document your Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database by printing its objects (tables, views, Stored Procedures, etc.) in your own custom style. The printed output can be exported to HTML, PDF and RTF format to enable it to be incorporated into a word processors.
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  • SQLWave MySQL GUI v6.3.5 super hot
    SQLWave is a powerful MySQL client designed to automate and simplify database development process.
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  • SQLWays v6.0 super hot
    SQLWays is a cutting-edge migration tool, which has the potential and powerful outcomes. It converts DDL, schema, data, stored procedures, functions, views, triggers as well as embedded SQL and database API for various databases and applications. SQLWays can take full control of the entire migration cycle. Along with our customization services it is providing the highest possible automation of all conversion phases.
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  • SSH Factory v3.7 super hot
    Java SSH and Java telnet client components for communicating with SSH and telnet servers.
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  • STSdb v3.5.7 super hot
    STSdb's advanced technique enable organizations to manage terabytes, even petabytes of disparate data within secure, transaction-intensive environments using data management solutions that span a spectrum of challenges: sustaining extreme transaction volumes and tempos and supporting mission-critical analytics and data warehousing
    URL: (Hits: 1977, Rating (Rate it): 1)
  • SuperOrca v1.0.0.0 super hot
    SuperOrca from "Pantaray Research Ltd." is a direct replacement to the "Orca" utility from Microsoft. SuperOrca may be used to examine and modify an MSI database. SuperOrca - can be freely downloaded from the internet, no need to download and install the entire Microsoft SDK. SuperOrca - will allow you to scan and manipulate all MSI database table in an intuitive and user friendly manner.
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  • SWF to FLA Converter for Mac v1.1 super hot
    SWF to FLA Converter for Mac OS offers a number of unique algorithms to extract all Flash objects from SWF file and store them in a FLA file, which can be edited in native Flash environment. You can also easily change Flash objects (modify text or hyperlink, replace sound/image, etc.) and convert them back to SWF. Additionally, you may customize FLA file workspace by enabling/disabling guides, grids, rulers; specify guides accuracy and so on.
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  • Tabs Studio v1.7.0 super hot
    With Tabs Studio the user is able to better manage all open documents in Visual Studio, grouped and organized in an efficient way. This Visual Studio add-in supports the latest VS versions and will especially come handy when you open many tabs at once, since it enhances the experience of the built-in functionality to better allow for such cases. This way, navigation is quicker and efficiency is promoted.
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  • TCP Logger AX v2.5.1.911 super hot
    TCP Logger AX monitors TCP/IP or UDP ports and captures, records and exports information send through them absolutely automatically. Interrogating probes, transducers and sensors; managing industrial SCADA systems; gathering data from dozens of RS232/RS485 devices connected via Ethernet - this is an example scope of possible applications. Offers a wide range of exporting options via ODBC, DDE and OLE. Can work as a service.
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