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  • MonoTranslate super hot updated
    MonoTranslate is an easy to use translation tool. It uses different translation tools that are available on the internet, so the only thing that you need to run MonoTranslate is an active internet conenection (and a .NET Framework). Current Features-Easy translation using Babelfish Translate-Native GUI for Windows and GTK# GUI
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  • PCL to PDF 32-bit / 32-bit .NET v12.4 super hot
    PCL Tool SDK 32-bit / 32-bit .NET - Option III captures and converts COMPLEX PCL into raster/vector PDF or PDF/A formats, or raster XPS format while extracting text. PCLTool SDK v12 is the latest release from PageTech and now fully supports 32-bit, 32-bit .NET, 64-bit and 64-bit .NET on all Windows 7 environments. Intelligent Mail barcodes, 2D Datamatrix barcodes and many other new functions have been added in this release.
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  • Pocket CHM v3.17 super hot updated
    Pocket CHM is a powerful toolbox for creating help, ebooks or manuals in CHM format. With it you can create your first CHM file in 10 seconds. Pocket CHM can open and edit a CHM file directly, so you can add new data to an existent CHM file. It can decompile CHM files in batch mode, so you can extract all resource from them. It can let you read CHM on Pocket PC . It will simplify your work a lot and make it very interesting. Enjoy it!
    URL: (Hits: 9386, Rating (Rate it): 2.42857142857143)
  • Resource Hunter -- RESOURCE EXPLORER for Windows executable files. super hot
    Resource Hunter is a powerful RESOURCE EXPLORER for Windows executable files. You can use Resource Hunter to view, explore , search and extract resource from any Windows Portable Executable (PE) format files, such as EXE, DLL,OCX, SYS, AX, SCR, DRV, etc. Resource Hunter supports cursor, icon, bitmap, accelerator, dialog, string, version, AVI, Wave, menu, animated cursor and more resources.
    URL: (Hits: 12302, Rating (Rate it): 1.14285714285714)
  • SolFS Driver Edition SDK v1.0 super hot updated
    With Solid File System Driver SDK your application can create a virtual disk, accessible for all or chosen processes. The data is kept in a SolFS storage, which can be located in a file, in resource, memory block, database record or wherever you like.
    URL: (Hits: 5390, Rating (Rate it): 1.25)
  • ToolbarStudio custom toolbar software v1.5 super hot
    Get the marketing weapon that companies like Google, eBay, Yahoo and others use to drive people back to their website. Create your own fully customizable toolbars. - increase traffic by maintaining awareness for online services; - improve accessibility of your site by providing links to all online resources on the top of the browser; - create your effective brand; - make money through affiliate searches and promotions in your toolbar;
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  • Welcome to ucandode Software super hot
    UCanCode Software develops high quality software solutions that provide C++ developers with the most up to date tools and class libraries available today. All source code is supplied and is 100% MFC compatible and extendable. UCanCode had released AppBuilder, DocVizor, Form++ Library, TFC, ToolBox and many other freewares.
    URL: (Hits: 12071, Rating (Rate it): 2.5)
  • Win32, C, C++, VC++ resources - super hot
    Win32, C, C++, MFC articles using VC++ compiler and other associated Windows based C++ compilers with sufficient sample programs are provided in this site.
    URL: (Hits: 8598, Rating (Rate it): 2.5)

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