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  • .NET EMail Component EMail.NET POP3,SMTP v1.00 super hot
    Easy yet powerful POP3, SMTP, IMAP components for .NET with MIME, SSL\TLS and proxy support. Well-designed, these components include lots of demos, tutorials and comprehensive documentation. Features: Easy-to-use feature-rich components; Send\receive\manage HTML emails with images; Stable and robust code; SSL\TLS support for POP3, SMTP, IMAP in explicit and implicit modes; MIME support. Proxy support; Synchronous and asynchronous operations.
    URL: (Hits: 3590, Rating (Rate it): 1)
  • .NET Managed Reader for Microsoft® Excel 1.1 super hot
    .NET Managed Reader for Microsoft® Excel is a set of the classes, designed to read Microsoft® Excel files from the applications. To provide familiar feel and look for the developers and allow future extension of the component, current version of the .NET Managed Reader for Microsoft® Excel implemented as a .NET Managed Provider with the read-only capabilities and allows to read the data from the native Microsoft® Excel files without using any additional providers or Microsoft® Excel.
    URL: (Hits: 6167, Rating (Rate it): 1.2)
  • Add-in Express .NET for VSTO v2.6 super hot
    Add-in Express .NET for VSTO is a visual component set for creating Outlook add-ins in Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office. It provides lots of advanced features: creating Explorer and Inspector commandbars at design-time, adding Outlook options page and folder property pages, trusted add-ins, shortcuts processing at design-time, and more. It supports VSTO 2005, VB.NET and C#. Read more at
    URL: (Hits: 5886, Rating (Rate it): 2.8)
  • Add-in Express for Office and .NET v2010 super hot updated
    All-in-one platform for developing any types of Office extensibility projects, including COM add-ins, smart tags, RTD servers and user-defined functions for Microsoft Office 2010 - 2000. Create application-specific plugins and shared extensions that work on all end-user applications: Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, MapPoint, Publisher, etc. in C#, VB.NET, C++ and Delphi Prism. More info:
    URL: (Hits: 6762, Rating (Rate it): 3.57142857142857)
  • ADX Extensions for Outlook v1.0 super hot
    It allows you to embed your .NET and VCL forms into Outlook custom forms and Outlook folder views. You can use any feature-rich .NET forms, controls and components (such as grids, editors and tree-views) and embed them into the Outlook Explorer and Outlook Inspector windows like form regions provided by Outlook 2007. It supports Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP) and 2000 with or without any service packs. Read more on
    URL: (Hits: 6091, Rating (Rate it): 4)
  • Alvas.FileControls v2.0 super hot
    Alvas.FileControls (Windows.Forms) is a collection of 100% native .NET framework managed controls written in C#. Collection allows to operate with files without writing anything. Enough to place ExplorerTreeView and ExplorerListView on the form to get the possibilities of Windows Explorer in your applications...
    URL: (Hits: 7349, Rating (Rate it): 5.78571428571429)
  • AntiDuplicate v1.41 super hot updated
    AntiDuplicate makes hardware keys for anti-piracy protection - using your ordinary computer. AntiDuplicate SDK contains instruments and samples for Visual C++, C++ .NET, C# .NET, Visual Basic, VB.NET, Borland Delphi and C++ Builder. Software developers can now prepare hardware keys (dongles) from standard USB flash drives! The result is the durable media for software distribution and the USB token for anti-copy protection at the same time.
    URL: (Hits: 6001, Rating (Rate it): 4)
  • ASPNetVideo v2.0 super hot updated
    ASP.Net Video - The ASPNetVideo Web Control Suite allows you to add video files and streaming media into your ASP.Net ASPX web forms. The API fully supports VB.Net, C# and all other common language runtime languages. Almost all video formats are suppored, including: QuickTime Player (.mov) , Real-Player (.ram & .rmv) & Windows Media Player (.wmv, .avi). Free download at
    URL: (Hits: 5928, Rating (Rate it): 1.33333333333333)
  • Aspose.Chart v1.9 super hot updated
    The free download .Net charting component which can draw 21 chart types with source code of fully featured and Windows demos in Visual Basic and C#.
    URL: (Hits: 7431, Rating (Rate it): 3)
  • Aspose.Component v1.0 super hot
    .Net Component suite including all Aspose components such as Aspose.Excel, Aspose.Word, Aspose.Project, Aspose.Pdf, Aspose.Chart, Aspose.Spell, Aspose.Recurrence. Buying Aspose.Component will be cheaper than buying individual products separately. Also licensing Aspose.Component will be simpler than licensing individual products separately.
    URL: (Hits: 7356, Rating (Rate it): 3.25)

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