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  • PE Explorer super hot
    This is a complete multi-purpose tool for working with PE files. It comes with a PE Header Viewer, Exported/Imported API Function Viewer and Syntax Lookup, Debugs Information, Relocations, Resource Viewer/Editor, Disassembler & Dependency Scanner.
    URL: (Hits: 7301, Rating (Rate it): 4.85714285714286)
  • Quick PDF Library (public beta) v7.12 super hot
    Quick PDF Library(c) (also known as QuickPDF, Quick-PDF or iSEDQuickPDF) 7.12 (beta) is a powerful royalty-free PDF developer SDK - including a 500+ function API for use with ASP, ActiveX, VB, VB Script, C++, C#, Delphi and more... It provides a comprehensive set of functions that allow you to create, split, merge, encrypt, modify, manipulate PDF form fields and JavaScript.
    URL: (Hits: 3451, Rating (Rate it): 1)
  • Resource Tuner Console super hot
    This command-line resource editor enables you to access and edit resources in large numbers of executable files. It accepts input from a script file, using flexible scripting language, and provides an automated means of stamping file versions during the release process. It will take the drudgery out of manual editing and repetitive tasks, enabling you to add, edit, rename, replace, or delete string resources in executables.
    URL: (Hits: 4976, Rating (Rate it): 1)
  • Select CSynch super hot
    Select C++Sync moves round-trip engineering to a new level of efficiency, synchronizing models and programs using a single, dynamic transaction. It runs directly upon a multi-user repository and provides unparalleled levels of performance, whatever the model size, from one to hundreds of users.
    URL: (Hits: 4537, Rating (Rate it): 1.33333333333333)
  • SoftwareKey Trial Creator v1.10 super hot
    Windows 32-bit software developers can use SoftwareKey Trial Creator, a freeware program, to create fully-functional 30-day trial versions of their software program without modifying a line of source code. Potential customers will not be able to re-install the created trial software to gain time after the trial period has expired. The program is simple, easy to use yet powerful. A 30-day trial can be created in minutes.
    URL: (Hits: 6141, Rating (Rate it): 1.2)
  • SQL.CLR v1.0 super hot
    SQL.CLR generates CLR stored procedures and user defined functions from existing procedures and functions in SQL Server. The stored procedure or user defined function code can be generated in C# or, compiled into an assembly and even create a Visual Studio project with the generated code.
    URL: (Hits: 3300, Rating (Rate it): 1)
  • TVicPort v4.0 super hot
    TVicPort includes transparent support for Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP, providing programmers with standard methods for real-time direct access to port I/O, obtains pointers to the physical memory by directly mapping it to the user process's address space (New!), specific support for LPT ports and IDE Hard Disk hardware inso (include serial number) - without requiring you to write a custom driver for Windows 95/98/ME or NT/2000/XP.
    URL: (Hits: 5046, Rating (Rate it): 1)
  • Viva64 super hot
    Viva64 - is a tool for searching of errors and possible problems at C/C ++ code at the applications port on the 64-bit platform.
    URL: (Hits: 3978, Rating (Rate it): 5.5)
  • WinPST Ansi PST to Unicode Converter v2.3.0425 super hot
    WinPST Ansi PST to Unicode Converter is simple yet powerful PST conversion tool to convert Ansi PST to Unicode PST and Vice versa. Software efficiently performs: Conversion of Ansi PST (MS Outlook 2000/2002/XP) to Unicode PST (MS Outlook 2003/2007/2010); Conversion of Unicode PST (MS Outlook 2003/2007/2010) to Ansi PST (MS Outlook 2000/2002/XP).
    URL: (Hits: 2100, Rating (Rate it): 1)
  • Xceed Grid for .NET v2.5 super hot updated
    An advanced and highly extensible Windows Forms grid control for .NET. It combines all the best capabilities of bound and unbound grids while greatly improving on flexibility, reliability and display speed. It is also the only grid that's 100% extensible, that can use any .NET control as cell viewer or editor and that has a true WYSIWYG designer for fast and efficient setup.
    URL: (Hits: 4852, Rating (Rate it): 1)

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