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  • super hot updated
    This is a Calculator program that has many comments to follow the code. It deals with console functions, color and more...
    URL: (Rating: 4.13333333333333, Reviews: 10)
  • calendar.cpp super hot updated
    A calendar application written in Visual C++ 6.
    URL: (Rating: 5.19354838709677, Reviews: 16)
  • super hot updated
    Caps lock manipulation function.6.
    URL: (Rating: 3.57142857142857, Reviews: 7)
  • super hot updated
    shows a way to change the color of the text in a text window.
    URL: (Rating: 4.82608695652174, Reviews: 9)
  • super hot updated
    Many useful functions, including a clear screen function.
    URL: (Rating: 1.75, Reviews: 12)
  • DELAY.H super hot updated
    A delay routine for Microsoft Visual C++.
    URL: (Rating: 4.28571428571429, Reviews: 14)
  • super hot updated
    A class for accepting mouse input.
    URL: (Rating: 3.76923076923077, Reviews: 7)
  • periodictable.cpp super hot updated
    A Periodic Table program. Enter an element name, symbol, or atomic number and have the information returned.
    URL: (Rating: 5.0188679245283, Reviews: 6)
  • setfont.c super hot
    Changes the text-based hardware font.
    URL: (Rating: 3.27272727272727, Reviews: 16)

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