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Title calendar.c
Category 1
Description This program prints a calendar in .txt format for a year. The user enters the year the calendar is for. This calandar will indicate whether or not the calendar is a leap year calendar.
Contact Herman Garcia
Added 08-10-2002 at 01:33 p.m.
Last Updated 08-10-2002 at 06:14 p.m.
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  • Useful program. I found that the output looks bad when using Windows text pad but looks very nice when opening it with wordpad.
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  • Looks like the Code is all jumbled up. But I managed to clean up as follows: #include statements are missing the file names: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> Also I changed the line which says: for ( day = 1; day <= 1 + day_code * 5; day++ ) fprintf(fout," " ); TO for ( day = 1; day <= 1 + day_code * 4; day++ ) fprintf(fout," " ); Notice 4 instead of 5, which aligns the dates of first line each month better with Text for days of week. Also I changed the line: fprintf(fout," " ); TO: fprintf(fout," " ); Notice 2 spaces instead of one space again to align the dates beter. Try these changes, the out put looks better
    posted at 02:34 a.m. on 02-14-2010