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Index :: Sound / waveplay.cpp
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Title waveplay.cpp
Category 4
Description This program will play wave files.
Contact Stephen Don
Added 08-10-2002 at 05:59 p.m.
Last Updated 08-10-2002 at 06:32 p.m.
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  • U limited the size <32000. Also I had to convert to 8 bit mono to play it. But I modified it such it plays the file but after it hangs the Dos Editor. Anyways I can get to Windows. But if some more modified version if u can send. Also Why not take size of wav in long. why limit it by using unsigned int?
    posted at 09:31 a.m. on 01-07-2007
  • found alloc.h: didnt't work either
    posted at 05:29 a.m. on 05-27-2004
  • I agree, it won't compile
    posted at 11:07 p.m. on 03-09-2004
  • Lots of implicit declaration of functions. poorly programmed. Please try to improve it.
    posted at 10:50 p.m. on 11-13-2003
  • tried to compile it, did'nt work.
    posted at 06:19 a.m. on 08-19-2003