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SnippetAuthorLanguagePlatformRating (votes)
Merge sort of an integer listBibhubrata Narendra C or C++ANSI6.3 (12)
Create a new file under linuxChol Nhial 5.6 (9)
Integer Partitions from 1 to NChristopher Brown 5.6 (9)
Converts a real number to the string.Darko Kolakoviћ C or C++ANSI5.6 (238)
Validate Longitudinal Redundancy Checksum (LRC)Darko Kolaković C or C++ANSI5.9 (138)
Three ways to do a swapDavid Nielsen C or C++ANSI6.3 (319)
Rectangle Collision DetectionDavid Nielsen C or C++ANSI6.1 (171)
using struct tm, time_t, and time to create a simple clockDieter Manstein CANSI5.3 (11)
Find the number of CPU Cores, for Windows, Mac or LinuxDirk-Jan Kroon C or C++Multiple7.9 (17)
String FunctionsDominic Vonk 5.1 (8)
String FunctionsDominic Vonk 5.1 (8)
Convert an integer into binary representationElabed Soufiane CANSI6.5 (17)
euler approximation methoderic mbakop C or C++ANSI5.9 (256)
string to bitstring, bitstring to stringEsa Karjalainen CANSI7.4 (18)
View the contents of a directoryfinnepower C++Windows6.9 (160)
dynamically create and initialise 4d arrayG.Watt.Porteous CANSI6.1 (72)
Find the minimum distance between two linesGiacomo C or C++ANSI7.2 (11)
Singly linked list - insert, remove, add, countGirish Amara CANSI7.7 (581)
Convert NTSTATUS code to Win32 errorIan Abbott C or C++Windows6.2 (71)
Simple Windows Socket Server ExampleJahan Addison C++Windows7.4 (68)
Dynamically Allocating a Multidimensional ArrayJared Hendrickson CANSI6.2 (10)
Palindrome FunctionJason Weeks 5.1 (8)
An example use of a function pointerJayesh C++ANSI6.9 (15)
Without semicolon print the statement.Jeevanrao 5.6 (9)
Without semicolon print the statement.Jeevanrao 5.6 (9)
A very simple frames per second functionJeff Verkoeyen C or C++Windows5.8 (197)
Quick-sort using vector and iterator in STLJianbao Tao 5.1 (8)
Calandar generator printing a full calendar for any yearJoe C++ANSI7.2 (44)
Implementing a directory listing on LinuxJoshith C*nix6.3 (12)
GetLastError error lookup toolKen Fitlike CWindows5.8 (185)
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