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SnippetAuthorLanguagePlatformRating (votes)
Another way to swap 2 numbersMaganti Venkatesh C or C++ANSI4.5 (52)
A function to encrypt/decrypt a string using XOR eMajor_Small C++ANSI5.5 (452)
a short BubbleSort algoritm for Integer ArraysMajor_Small C or C++ANSI5.6 (229)
A function to reverse an integer arrayMajor_Small C or C++ANSI5.7 (451)
Another merge sort of integer listManoj CANSI3.5 (40)
Output console text with type-writer effect.Michael Brandon Miller 8.1 (430)
similar to gotoxy; minimal screen control for wyseMike Kinney C or C++ANSI5.1 (180)
Print variables with file and line number for debuggingmike lear C++ANSI2.7 (36)
Count number of bits in a numberNaren Bala C or C++ANSI5.1 (9)
Shorter version of gotoxyNedeljko CLinux5.1 (59)
simple StopWatch with roundtrip timeNickMa 8.1 (429)
A game setup for DirectXPaul D C or C++ANSI5.4 (284)
Calculates 1 variable statisticsPaul Kennedy C++ANSI2.3 (33)
A code template for OpenGL / GLUTPerspective C or C++ANSI6.8 (565)
Distanceprog-bman C++ANSI5.5 (187)
Template Calculatorprog-bman C++ANSI5.4 (332)
Menu driven program in c programmingcampus 8.1 (430)
Tic-TacToeptrs 8.1 (430)
Generate a spiral matrix for n elementsRaza C or C++ANSI5.1 (74)
a simple clockrichmond caesar CANSI5.8 (631)
Color header for Windows that integrates with coutSang-drax C++Windows5.4 (256)
Word wrap functionSean Hubbard CANSI5.6 (124)
Function pointer to member function of classselvam C++ANSI4.0 (39)
Find the Prime Factors of Given NumberSHINE AIYYAPPAN CANSI4.1 (51)
Find The Sum of Digits of a Given NumberSHINE AIYYAPPAN CANSI5.2 (59)
Pascals Triangle Using Combination Function of IndicesSHINE AIYYAPPAN CANSI6.7 (444)
A portable card deck class with shufflingSlyMaelstrom C++ANSI7.6 (330)
GotoXYStack Overflow C*nix5.8 (408)
Creating, printing and free linked listsSyed Rafey Husain CANSI2.9 (35)
Simple integer binary search example source codeSyed Rafey Husain C or C++ANSI5.9 (7)
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