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TipAuthorRating (votes)
The power of scanf()Joanna 7.0
Comparisons in C\C++Nikitas Angelinas 6.8
Using _strtime and _strdate to get the timeAli Jafar 6.6
Temporariless SwapGuille 6.6
Use ++ and --Subyraj P.S 6.6
clean up after cin (C++)Major_Small 6.6
Rounding to an IntegerGorn 6.6
initalization of objectsmohit dhawan 6.5
Solve Any Compiler Error EasilyWajahat Karim 6.5
Common Optimization TipsTravis Fischer 6.5
assert() yourself!Kevin Lam 6.5
difference between int* p and int *p declarationomprakash mishra 6.5
logical error on divisionM.Kumaran 6.5
Write it out on paperrakesh kumar 6.5
Long variable namesCarl 6.5
Better coding style for comparisonnids 6.5
Dont't use scanf() when reading sentencesRomnico 6.5
Code Optimization TipsBasker Swaminathan 6.5
Keep a cool head when programmingSentralia 6.5
Be careful about array size when u are using strcpBhushan Verma 6.5
Benefits of inline functionsAli Nawkhas Murad 6.5
do not use printf without %s to print a stringpavan kumar 6.5
Pointer Tips :-)Jatin Gandhi 6.5
think before you codeTimofei Gerasimov 6.5
LogicHardi Pertel 6.5
What is a friend function?Ali Nawkhas Murad 6.4
Always write if statements with bracesWebmaster 6.4
Full Abstract class/InterfaceRamakrishna 6.4
Clever ways to avoid using if statementsA. Karthick Pandia Samy 6.4
loop conditionKrishna 6.4

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