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TipAuthorRating (votes)
C and C++ bit Operations Trickssedfy 7.9
Use ++ and --Subyraj P.S 6.4
Comparisons in C\C++Nikitas Angelinas 6.3
Use makefilecjediknight 6.2
Free The Memory That You UseUdhaya Kumar.D 6.2
Error handling for newUpesh Jindal 6.2
Flowchartsayyapparaju 6.2
Write it out on paperrakesh kumar 6.1
Rounding to an IntegerGorn 6.1
Never do unary minus on sizeofVaibhav 6.1
gets() is bad.Sean 6.1
difference between int* p and int *p declarationomprakash mishra 6.1
Keep fit to program betterLuna Man 6.1
Programming TipsJatin Gandhi 6.1
Use Good Variable And Function Namesprog-bman 6.1
Fastest raise to power.Ezzetabi 6.1
The power of scanf()Joanna 6.1
Code Optimization TipsBasker Swaminathan 6.1
Solve Any Compiler Error EasilyWajahat Karim 6.1
assert() yourself!Kevin Lam 6.1
The many meanings of NULLRajat Kochhar 6.1
Don't use strlen in a loop condition.anonytmouse 6.1
Converting numbers to StringsWebmaster 6.1
Test pieces of your code earlyHardi Pertel 6.1
Initialise all variables before useMounish 6.1
Run code in Different compilersNaren Varma 6.1
When optimizing code, focus on algorithms firstAlex Allain 6.0
LogicHardi Pertel 6.0
Pointer Tips :-)Jatin Gandhi 6.0
loop conditionKrishna 6.0

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