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TipAuthorRating (votes)
The power of scanf()Joanna 7.5
Using _strtime and _strdate to get the timeAli Jafar 7.1
Comparisons in C\C++Nikitas Angelinas 7.0
Better coding style for comparisonnids 6.9
Temporariless SwapGuille 6.8
Rounding to an IntegerGorn 6.8
logical error on divisionM.Kumaran 6.8
difference between int* p and int *p declarationomprakash mishra 6.8
assert() yourself!Kevin Lam 6.8
High performance loopingRachana 6.8
Initialise all variables before useMounish 6.8
Converting numbers to StringsWebmaster 6.8
finding size of variable without using sizeof()Rajesh punia 6.8
Solve Any Compiler Error EasilyWajahat Karim 6.7
Always write if statements with bracesWebmaster 6.7
Fast multiplicationJean-François Geyelin 6.7
Flowchartsayyapparaju 6.7
Automatic Array initialisationkedar 6.7
Use ++ and --Subyraj P.S 6.7
swap with out using temporaryraghava 6.7
Pointer Tips :-)Jatin Gandhi 6.6
Effective Modularity in ProgrammingSharma PCS 6.6
C++ is not a pure Object Oriented Language..Hridesh Vishwdewa 6.6
Don't use strlen in a loop condition.anonytmouse 6.6
Avoid void main()Webmaster 6.6
The many meanings of NULLRajat Kochhar 6.6
When optimizing code, focus on algorithms firstAlex Allain 6.6
Safely using strncpyoliv29 6.6
Keep fit to program betterLuna Man 6.6
Assigning a char array to another char arrayBrian Plummer 6.6

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