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TipAuthorRating (votes)
High performance loopingRachana 6.8
Initialise all variables before useMounish 6.8
C++ is not a pure Object Oriented Language..Hridesh Vishwdewa 6.8
Converting numbers to StringsWebmaster 6.8
finding size of variable without using sizeof()Rajesh punia 6.8
Fast multiplicationJean-François Geyelin 6.7
Flowchartsayyapparaju 6.7
Automatic Array initialisationkedar 6.7
Use ++ and --Subyraj P.S 6.7
Effective Modularity in ProgrammingSharma PCS 6.6
Avoid void main()Webmaster 6.6
The many meanings of NULLRajat Kochhar 6.6
Safely using strncpyoliv29 6.6
clean up after cin (C++)Major_Small 6.6
initalization of objectsmohit dhawan 6.5
Write it out on paperrakesh kumar 6.5
Long variable namesCarl 6.5
Dont't use scanf() when reading sentencesRomnico 6.5
Code Optimization TipsBasker Swaminathan 6.5
Be careful about array size when u are using strcpBhushan Verma 6.5
Benefits of inline functionsAli Nawkhas Murad 6.5
do not use printf without %s to print a stringpavan kumar 6.5
think before you codeTimofei Gerasimov 6.5
LogicHardi Pertel 6.5
What is a friend function?Ali Nawkhas Murad 6.4
C++ new does not return 0 on failure!Are R. Svendsen 6.4
Full Abstract class/InterfaceRamakrishna 6.4
Clever ways to avoid using if statementsA. Karthick Pandia Samy 6.4
loop conditionKrishna 6.4
What is pointer arithmetic?Umer khan 6.4

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