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TipAuthorRating (votes)
Differences between class and structAli Nawkhas Murad 5.9
Better coding style for comparisonnids 5.9
Use STL containers instead of C arraysSang-drax 5.9
Modifying const variablesWiro Sableng 5.9
Pointer Memory allocationKrishnamoorthi 5.9
Better enumsBrent 5.9
Clever ways to avoid using if statementsA. Karthick Pandia Samy 5.8
.c is used for c while .cpp is used for c++G.P. 5.8
Be careful about array size when u are using strcpBhushan Verma 5.8
clean up after cin (C++)Major_Small 5.8
Turn on all compiler warningsMaragato 5.8
Fast multiplicationJean-François Geyelin 5.8
Avoid memory wastageArthi 5.8
High performance loopingRachana 5.8
compiler tipJulian Sutherland 5.8
Operator Associativity and HierarchyAvinash 5.8
difference between float and doubleankit panwar 5.8
Multiply rather than DivideReese Moore 5.8
Use <constant> == <value>Webmaster 5.8
Use multiple filesThantos 5.7
Commenting out code with the preprocessorWebmaster 5.7
Make libraries for yourselfValseedian 5.7
Goto vs. Higher-level control structuresSean 5.7
Member Functions are inline by default (C++)Ash 5.7
swap with out using temporaryraghava 5.7
beware of loop invarinatsIain 5.7
Be organisedProphet-Ex 5.7
Be careful of Magic behaviour due to compilers manik 5.7
do not use printf without %s to print a stringpavan kumar 5.7
Do NOT always check for NULL! (C++)Kevin Lam 5.7

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