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TipAuthorRating (votes)
Determining if something was processed in a switch/case constructMarty Corbett 3.5
String to integerMayur Avhad 5.5
initalization of objectsmohit dhawan 5.6
Swap without temporary variableMoosa Baransi 4.1
Enums instead of const member variablesMotiram Patil 1.0
Use Enums instead of const member variablesMotiram Patil 1.0
Initialise all variables before useMounish 5.5
use of ! operatormrinal jha 5.5
Understanding the win32 data typesMuhammad Shahid 3.4
Dynamic memory allocation of 2d arraysnandam 3.0
Run code in Different compilersNaren Varma 5.6
Better coding style for comparisonnids 5.6
Comparisons in C\C++Nikitas Angelinas 5.9
Safely using strncpyoliv29 5.5
difference between int* p and int *p declarationomprakash mishra 5.6
do not use printf without %s to print a stringpavan kumar 5.9
Put braces around if statement code, part 2PING 5.3
Tips for writing programs for beginnerspradeep 3.8
Cute but dangerous code, finding the larger integer without using comparisonsPrakash Samy 2.3
Indent your ProgramPrashant Sahay 5.5
Use Good Variable And Function Namesprog-bman 5.6
Be organisedProphet-Ex 5.8
High performance loopingRachana 5.4
swap with out using temporaryraghava 6.1
The many meanings of NULLRajat Kochhar 5.8
take care while using new and deleterajender 4.2
finding size of variable without using sizeof()Rajesh punia 3.7
increment and decrement on pointerRAJKUMAR 5.0
Write it out on paperrakesh kumar 5.5
Full Abstract class/InterfaceRamakrishna 2.2

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