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TipAuthorRating (votes)
Pointer arithmetic trickinessvishesh jain 6.0
gets is dangerouscarl johnson 6.0
Always check for NULL (in C)Webmaster 6.0
Executing system commandsSean 6.0
Copy constructorAli Nawkhas Murad 6.0
String to integerMayur Avhad 5.9
Use const variables as function parameters when pobeyonddc 5.9
Use virtual functions instead of type checkingSajan 5.9
Avoid stl set non-const iteratorsIgor 5.9
Declaration of abstract class in c++Ali Nawkhas Murad 5.9
Prefer pre-increment and pre-decrementKarl 5.9
pre & post increment & decrement operators jay 5.9
Use STL containers instead of C arraysSang-drax 5.9
Modifying const variablesWiro Sableng 5.9
Pointer Memory allocationKrishnamoorthi 5.9
Better enumsBrent 5.9
Turn on all compiler warningsMaragato 5.8
Avoid memory wastageArthi 5.8
Operator Associativity and HierarchyAvinash 5.8
Use multiple filesThantos 5.8
Use <constant> == <value>Webmaster 5.8
Commenting out code with the preprocessorWebmaster 5.7
Goto vs. Higher-level control structuresSean 5.7
Member Functions are inline by default (C++)Ash 5.7
beware of loop invarinatsIain 5.7
Be careful of Magic behaviour due to compilers manik 5.7
Comment!VOX 5.7
Don't use fflush(stdin)Shakti 5.6
Get a copy of the standardThantos 5.6
Turn off optimization when debuggingAshok Kumar 5.6

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