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TipAuthorRating (votes)
Declaration of abstract class in c++Ali Nawkhas Murad 5.4
Multiply rather than DivideReese Moore 5.4
Better enumsBrent 5.3
Put braces around if statement code, part 2PING 5.3
What is a friend function?Ali Nawkhas Murad 5.3
Avoid memory wastageArthi 5.3
match the out side world ideas to logical designinmady 5.3
Be careful about array size when u are using strcpBhushan Verma 5.3
gets is dangerouscarl johnson 5.3
C++ is not a pure Object Oriented Language..Hridesh Vishwdewa 5.3
Operator Associativity and HierarchyAvinash 5.3
Passing a pointer to a functionIrfaan Kamo 5.3
backups using CVS save you lot of spaceLeif 5.3
Unexpected struct behavior in Borlands Turbo C++ 3Raza Sayed 5.3
pre & post increment & decrement operators jay 5.3
Error handling for newUpesh Jindal 5.3
increment and decrement on pointerRAJKUMAR 5.3
Don't modify a variable more than once in a single statementGanga R Jaiswal 5.3
Use virtual functions instead of type checkingSajan 5.2
Turn on all compiler warningsMaragato 5.2
Use <constant> == <value>Webmaster 5.2
Increment and decrement counters with rolloverLee Walker 5.2
Compiling 32-bit code on a 64-bit machinevinay Kumar 5.2
C++ new does not return 0 on failure!Are R. Svendsen 5.2
Set the most significant bit of an int Alphonse Ajayan 5.1
In C++ a pure abstract base class is a contractMarty Corbett 5.1
Getting the size of an array with any datatypeSaddam Abu Ghaida 5.1
Copy constructorAli Nawkhas Murad 5.1
Pointer arithmetic trickinessvishesh jain 5.0
Count number of bits in an integer.Anjani Kumar Mishra 5.0

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