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TipAuthorRating (votes)
Instantiate a singleton class i.e no more than one instance possibleAnjan Ghose 5.5
Keep a cool head when programmingSentralia 5.6
Keep fit to program betterLuna Man 5.7
LogicHardi Pertel 5.7
logical error on divisionM.Kumaran 5.6
Long variable namesCarl 5.5
loop conditionKrishna 5.7
Make backupsVox 5.4
Make libraries for yourselfValseedian 5.9
Make pointer and reference arguments constAkshay 4.9
match the out side world ideas to logical designinmady 5.3
Member Functions are inline by default (C++)Ash 5.9
merqery in cjeevan 4.8
Modifying const variablesWiro Sableng 5.4
Multiply rather than DivideReese Moore 5.3
Never do unary minus on sizeofVaibhav 5.7
Never return a non-const pointer to a data member!hussain hani 2.6
One instruction per lineLudovic Flender 5.0
Operator Associativity and HierarchyAvinash 5.3
Operator precedence shortcutsai shanker 3.2
Passing a pointer to a functionIrfaan Kamo 5.3
Passing array elements to functionsUmer khan 5.6
Pointer arithmetic hackVivek Ahlawat 5.5
Pointer arithmetic trickinessvishesh jain 5.0
Pointer Memory allocationKrishnamoorthi 5.5
Pointer Tips :-)Jatin Gandhi 5.8
pre & post increment & decrement operators jay 5.3
Prefer pre-increment and pre-decrementKarl 5.4
Private type in public class scopeIgor 1.0
Programming TipsJatin Gandhi 5.6

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