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TipAuthorRating (votes)
Unexpected struct behavior in Borlands Turbo C++ 3Raza Sayed 5.2
Compiling 32-bit code on a 64-bit machinevinay Kumar 5.2
C++ new does not return 0 on failure!Are R. Svendsen 5.2
In C++ a pure abstract base class is a contractMarty Corbett 5.1
Set the most significant bit of an int Alphonse Ajayan 5.1
C++ is not a pure Object Oriented Language..Hridesh Vishwdewa 5.0
Make pointer and reference arguments constAkshay 4.9
Checking if two arrays are equalUnnikrishnan T A 4.8
Tips for writing programs for beginnerspradeep 4.5
Benefits of a Lookup TableAli Nawkhas Murad 4.3
Determining if something was processed in a switch/case constructMarty Corbett 4.3
take care while using new and deleterajender 4.2
What is pointer arithmetic?Umer khan 4.1
Increment and decrement counters with rolloverLee Walker 3.9
Why you can't dereference a void* pointerashish mathur 3.9
Dynamic memory allocation of 2d arraysnandam 3.7
finding size of variable without using sizeof()Rajesh punia 3.6
Operator precedence shortcutsai shanker 3.6
Automatic Array initialisationkedar 3.6
Rounding a floating point number to a near-fractionSteven 3.5
Arguments for MainSajan 3.3
Understanding the win32 data typesMuhammad Shahid 3.2
Effective use of ==Er.Nathan 3.1
Swap without temporary variableMoosa Baransi 3.1
Assigning a char array to another char arrayBrian Plummer 3.0
Don't increment the same variable multiple times in one statementsidra 3.0
Never return a non-const pointer to a data member!hussain hani 3.0
Cute but dangerous code, finding the larger integer without using comparisonsPrakash Samy 3.0
Decompose before you codeAbhinandan Pandey 2.8
Full Abstract class/InterfaceRamakrishna 2.2

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