Algorithm Textbook Recommendations

Introduction to Algorithms


This staple of algorithms courses everywhere, endearingly referred to as CLRS after the last names of the authors, is perhaps the definitive work on algorithms. A comprehensive book, it certainly cover your needs across much of computer science. It also includes a variety of exercises that you may find to be quite useful if you're studying algorithms outside the classroom. This book covers everything from basic algorithmic analysis such as big-O notation and its brethren to crucial and common algorithms like search, sorting, techniques like dynamic programming, and advanced data structures like Fibonacci heaps.

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Numerical Recipes in C++: The Art of Scientific Computing

Conditionally Recommended

This is a great book if it suits your needs--if you're writing code using numerical algorithms. Especially nice is that it includes source code for the algorithms discussed. But if you're just looking for a book of general algorithms, this book will not be a good fit.

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