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  • CryptCode.c super hot
    Program demonstrating encryption.
    URL: (Rating: 4.21052631578947, Reviews: 21)
  • super hot
    A program demonstrating simple encryption.
    URL: (Rating: 2.91666666666667, Reviews: 16)
  • jtxor.cpp super hot
    An implementation of XOR encryption.
    URL: (Rating: 2, Reviews: 15)
  • mcxor.cpp super hot
    Another implementation of Exclusive-or (XOR) encryption.
    URL: (Rating: 2.1, Reviews: 20)
  • nvxor.c super hot
    A third implemention of Exclusive-or (XOR) encryption.
    URL: (Rating: 3.85714285714286, Reviews: 5)
  • sdes.cpp super hot updated
    This program implements the SDES algorithm to peform Encrytion and Decryption
    URL: (Rating: 5.55, Reviews: 16)

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