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  • super hot updated
    Battle ship without grapical interface.
    URL: (Rating: 4.19753086419753, Reviews: 51)
  • super hot
    This is like minespeeper, but for DOS. There is some mouse support.
    URL: (Rating: 4.54838709677419, Reviews: 21)
  • graphics.cpp super hot
    URL: (Rating: 2.95, Reviews: 14)
  • super hot
    Lard boy.
    URL: (Rating: 3.0952380952381, Reviews: 6)
  • madlib.cpp super hot
    A simple madlib implementation.
    URL: (Rating: 3.63636363636364, Reviews: 23)
  • rpg2.cpp super hot updated
    A very simple fantasy text-based fight simulator.
    URL: (Rating: 2.90909090909091, Reviews: 24)
  • slot.cpp super hot
    A slot machine game.
    URL: (Rating: 3.37142857142857, Reviews: 37)
  • super hot
    Another slot machine game; it is a modified version of slot.cpp
    URL: (Rating: 4.4, Reviews: 16)
  • super hot
    A game similar to nibbles, with some changes and enhancements made here and there - 87.7k.
    URL: (Rating: 6.21212121212121, Reviews: 18)
  • super hot
    A simplified version of asteroids.
    URL: (Rating: 5.76923076923077, Reviews: 29)

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