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Title sgfx2.cpp
Category 18
Description This is a version of sgfx designed to be compatible with other compilers.
Contact Curt Smith
Added 08-10-2002 at 06:08 p.m.
Last Updated 08-10-2002 at 06:42 p.m.
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  • I'm starting the fididlng process and am moving my normal development platform from a PIC16F690 to a PIC24FJ64GA002 for various reasons. It's like to start by saying that your tutorial is fantastic. However, I have a couple of questions / comments and I'm not sure where to post them.A few housekeeping things. I think that you have the data and clock lines switched in your simple schematic in the first part of the tutorial. Also, the link at the bottom of the Getting Started page has an extra http: in it and is breaking.My real question boils down to this. I'm having trouble writing to the chip. I'm using a ICD2 clone, and I've never had any problem with it and any of the 12, 16, or 18 series chips. This is my first adventure into the 24-series PICs. As you suggested, I hooked up programmer, pulled MCLR high with a 10K resistor, used bypass and filter caps but the key was that I supplied 3.3v from an external source (not from the ICD2). However, even with all of those steps taken, It is timing out during the verification stage. I can connect to the PIC, set Vdd, do the typical startup things and get to a ready state; however, verification of program memory hangs every time.Do you have any thoughts as to how I might be able to fix this? I appreciate it.
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