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Description Many useful functions, including a clear screen function.
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  • Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately, it's cunrch time for my company right now, and I've sorta lost interest in maintaining the website somewhat. As for the I2C, I could probably write something about it soon. Actually the hosting bill is coming up, and I don't know if I want to pay for another lease hehe. To ben who's having trouble with programming the PIC24: The ICD2 is pretty sensitive to cable lengths. In particular, if your external oscillator is extremely fast, and the cable connecting your ICD to your circuit is very long, the ICD sometimes have trouble programming. Make the cable shorter than 6 inches, and try to keep your external oscillator below 10MHz. That usually works very well. As for the ICD2 clone, I don't know if it's a hardware problem. I use the ICD2, and it works great, from the PIC18 s to the PIC32 s. Since you are powering your Vdd_3_3v from an external source, check with the oscilloscope that it is free from any ripples (actually you are SUPPOSE to power it from an external source, the ICD just verifies the Vdd. What I mean by this is, bypass the input voltage with at least one 0.1uF cap and a 10uF cap. Next check that the voltage on the Vddcore is free from any ripples. This should tell you if your power supply is the culprit.-J
    posted at 10:12 p.m. on 12-31-2012
  • Frkanly I think that's absolutely good stuff.
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