Temperature Converter Challenge

Credit: Denis Meyer

In this challenge, write a program that takes in three arguments, a start temperature (in Celsius), an end temperature (in Celsius) and a step size. Print out a table that goes from the start temperature to the end temperature, in steps of the step size; you do not actually need to print the final end temperature if the step size does not exactly match. You should perform input validation: do not accept start temperatures less than a lower limit (which your code should specify as a constant) or higher than an upper limit (which your code should also specify). You should not allow a step size greater than the difference in temperatures. (This exercise was based on a problem from C Programming Language).

Sample run:
  Please give in a lower limit, limit >= 0: 10
  Please give in a higher limit, 10 > limit <= 50000: 20
  Please give in a step, 0 < step <= 10: 4

  Celsius         Fahrenheit
  -------         ----------
  10.000000       50.000000
  14.000000       57.200000
  18.000000       64.400000
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