Prototype: int memcmp(const void *buffer1, const void *buffer2, size_t count);
Header File: string.h (C) or cstring (C++)
Explanation: Alphabetically compares two arrays passed in to it. The fact that it is a void * simply means that it can have non-character arrays passed in to it. It is also necessary to pass how far to compare (ie, the size of the arrays) The return value is:

Less than zero      buffer1 is less than buffer2
Zero                buffer1 is equal to buffer2
Greater than zero   buffer1 is greater than buffer2          
//Program compares two character arrays
//Program compares only to eight letters
#include <cstring>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    int comp_val=memcmp("Andersronc", "Zandimva",  8);
    if ( comp_val == 0 ) 
        cout<<"strings are equal";
    if ( comp_val<0 )
        cout<<"String one is alphabetically equal";
        cout<<"String one is alphabetically greater";
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