C and C++ Programming Challenge Problems

Many of these problems will also make excellent preparation for programming job interview-style questions!

Basic Programming Challenges

  • Temperature Converter A small program to compute conversion tables from Celsius to Farenheit
  • Line Counting A relatively basic challenge that requires an understanding of file I/O
  • File Size Similar to line counting, but instead of computing the number of lines in a file, you compute the size of the file
  • Permutations The challenge is to find the algorithm used to create all possible permutations of a given string

Intermediate Programming Challenges

  • Factorial Challenge No, not finding X factorial -- instead, the challenge is to write a program that can efficiently find the number of trailing zeros on X! for high values of X (say, 100).
  • String Searching Not only are you asked to determine if a given string is a substring of a second string, but you have to account for wildcards.
  • Decimal to Binary Program Write a program to convert a given decimal number to its binary equivalent.
  • Pascal's Triangle Tricks
    Write a program to calculate the right value for a location in Pascal's Triangle.
  • Linked-list reverse print Write as clean a possible solution to the challenge of displaying a linked list in reverse
  • Linked-list in-place reversal Write code to reverse a linked list without using extra memory

Advanced Programming Challenges

  • Maximum Subarray Sum Find the fastest algorithm to compute the sum of the subarray with the maximum sum. It's possible to do it faster than you might think...
  • Self-Printing Program Write a program that can print its source code

More challenges are on their way. Check back for updates.