Programming Jobs -- Finding a Career in Programming

So you're a programmer and you want a job? Read about our experiences with programming jobs and the job hunt. We cover both the job hunt the interview process along with links to other resources on programming interviews and careers.

Job Hunting

Having a good resume and cover letter, well, matters a lot. The short summary is be brief but bold. Read more in our section on job hunting tips: resume writing, cover letters, and portfolios.

Job Interviews

A good interview can make your application, a bad interview will break it. Programming interviews can be scary, involving both discussions about your qualifications and background, programming puzzles, and, in some cases, brain teasers.

Read about job interviews, what you can expect, and how to handle it.

Resources for Job Seekers

If you're worried about your problem solving skills, Programming Pearls by Jon Bentley, can help get the juices flowing. Bentley covers lots of techniques for approaching programming problems, and he covers problems of about the size for a decent interview question.

The book How Would You Move Mount Fuji? can you give insight into the process of dealing with brain teasers although they are being phased out of the interview process at many places. provides lots of interesting brainteaser puzzles to help practice for job interviews.

Job Openings

Do you have a programming-related job opening, either an internship or full-time, at your company? Let us know at and we'll post your offer!