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Keeping you informed of our information gathering practices and our policy for how we use that information is important to us at We take our users' privacy seriously and strive to only collect and use personal information when it's genuinely necessary and to safeguard it responsibly. When it comes to processing your data, we only partner with other companies that have shown a demonstrated commitment to privacy and safeguarding data.

Below, you can find the ways in which we gather data and the ways that we use that data, as well as how to object to how your data is being used or revoke any consent you have given to use your data. If you believe your data is being misused, you may have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in your region.

We are based in San Francisco, California. Our target audience is adult programming students and professional programmers located in North America. Note that you must be legally able to consent to a contract to buy Jumping into C++, and that you must be of age to consent to provide personal information in your region to sign up for the mailing list or message board.

Information Collection

IP data

When you visit the site, your IP address, along with other non-identifying information such as your web browser, is collected. Your IP address does not allow us to identify you. Your IP address is sent to Google Analytics which then further anonymizes this IP data by deleting the last three digits, does not retain the original copy, and uses the anonymized data to determine trends in visitor patterns, such as which pages are most popular and which referrers send the most visitors. This information processed by Google Analytics is used in aggregate to determine statistics about the site's traffic, which we use for purposes such as estimating advertising inventory and learning what content on the site is most popular. For more information on data gathering and usage by Google Analytics, see the "Cookies" section below.

Your IP address may also be sent to FullStory, where it will be discarded at the end of processing your session. For more information on data gathering and usage by Full Story, see the "Cookies" section below.

When you visit the site, your IP address, along with other non-identifying information, is retained by us for no more than three months. Your IP address may be used by us to provide content, such as region-targeted advertisements, that is relevant to your region. We may also use it for other legitimate interests such as investigating hacking attempts on the site.

Your IP address may also be provided to a CDN provider such as Stackpath. The CDN provider uses your IP address to determine how to best serve content on the site to you so that it will load quickly. This information is retained by Stackpath for no more than 7 days.

Message Board

You must create a profile in order to post on the message board. When creating a profile, you are required to provide your date of birth. This information is used to comply with laws that require us to obtain parental permission before allowing children to create an account.

The message board also logs IP addresses of logged-in members. We use this information only to block users who have been spamming or otherwise engaged in abusive behavior on the message board. If you register to use the message board, you will be asked for an email address; your email address will be used to verify your identity (e.g. if you forget your password) and to inform you of information about your message board account, such as (optionally) notifications of new messages or responses to posts you've made. We retain and process this information on the basis of legitimate interests in helping you retain access to the board and avoid abuse. We may also use your email address collected in this way to comply with legal obligations, such as to inform you of a data breach. You may also opt-in to various notifications from the message board. You may easily opt out at any time by logging into the board and changing your preferences under the "Settings" option.

Information associated with your message board account is retained until you choose to delete your account, since this information must be retained for your account to work properly and for us to protect the message board community from abuse. We may also delete information regarding accounts that have been inactive for an extended period of time. To delete your message board account, see the "information removal" section below.

Mailing list

You may choose to sign up for the mailing list. If you do so, will send you periodic email related to learning about C and C++ programming. Your name and email address are provided only to us and to the service that runs the mailing list software, AWeber Communications. We and AWeber will also receive information related to your signup such as your IP address. We will not sell this information or share it with anyone else. We retain and process this information on the basis of your having consented to receive email from Each mailing list email contains information on how to unsubscribe. You may unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.

Your information is kept by the mailing list until you unsubscribe from the mailing list or until email directed to you has repeatedly bounced. We may also delete your information if you have not received a mailing list email for an extended period of time.


You may choose to purchase the ebook Jumping into C++ from us. If you buy it from us directly, we will recieve basic information about you, such as your name, email address, IP address, country of residence, and, if you use 2Checkout, your mailing address. This information is provided to us, E-Junkie (our shopping cart service), Google Gmail, and the payment processor you select (PayPal or 2Checkout). It is used on the basis of its being necessary to fulfill your contract with us: to process your payment and to deliver the ebook to you. may also use your email adress to send you critical information about your purchase, such as notification of new releases or formats available. We also retain your email address to verify that you have purchased the book in the past, so we can send you a new copy of your purchase for free if you lose your original copy. Our processors keep your purchasing information on file for ten years to comply with legal requirements regarding the rentention of financial records. does not have access to or store your credit card number or other financial information. This information is available solely to the payment processor you select. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to does not retain or have access to any information submitted by you to To help us evaluate the performance of the affiliate program, an anonymized, aggregated list of products purchased through the Amazon affiliate advertising program is displayed to us. does not receive any information connecting these purchases to individuals.


We use our own cookies to enable certain functionality on the site, such as the ability to stay logged in to the message board. For more information on what is collected and how to manage cookies, including deleting and opting out of cookies, see All About Cookies.

We also use advertising companies such as Google and Exponential Interactive to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use cookies to track your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you based on your activity. does not have access to any of this information about your browsing activity on other sites. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by Google Adsense in particular, click here.

This information will not be collected or used in cases where it is prohibited by our Terms of Service agreement with Google. In particular, we don't serve cookies that track visitors' visits to sites other than to any visitors who are in the European Economic Area. It is not our intention to offer any goods or services to any person in the European Economic Area.

Finally, we also serve cookies from Google Analytics and Full Story to learn about how visitors use Google Analytics does show us the browsing behavior on by individual clients (i.e., web browsers) used to visit the site, reported in an anonymous way so that we can't tie that behavior back to any specific person; this data is also paired with general, non-identifying information such as what kind of web browser was being used and what country the user was are visiting from, as determined by IP address. This data is retained by Google Analytics for 14 months. We don't use this information about individual browsing patterns to profile individual users; we only use it to generate aggregated reports that let us understand how people use the site in general. We collect this information because we have a legitimate interest in knowing how visitors use the site, so we can make it better, and so we can let potential advertisers know how many visitors we get and from which region. We don't use Google Analytics to collect any information that would involve Google Analytics tracking or analyzing the behavior of visitors to on other websites. We also don't collect any information that would allow the tracking the behavior of a single individual person across multiple clients or devices. If you'd like to prevent Google Analytics from serving you cookies, you can use the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

We also share Google Analytics data with our advertising partners such as Google AdSense and BuySell ads. We do this so they can know how many people visit the site and from where, in order to help potential advertisers decide whether to buy ads on We also do this to help us understand which pages on the site generate more or less revenue relative to the number of visits they get, to help make decisions about what articles to feature or to write. This data is not used to target specific ads at any vistors based on their behavior or based on anything about them except which broad geographic region (e.g. country) they are visiting from, as determined by their IP address.

We use Full Story to track information on your use of the Site, such as pages visited, links clicked, non-sensitive text entered, and mouse movements, as well as information more commonly collected such as the referring URL, browser, and operating system. We use publicly available sources to approximate your geographic region and Internet Service Provider based on your IP address. Our purpose in collecting this data is to better understand how our visitors use the Site, and we do not have a way to tie this information back to an individual user.

Information removal

To request a copy of the information we have about you or to request that it be deleted, email our representative Alex Allain at [email protected] with your request.