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I've always said, that there is no point in studying things which you don't understand, just for simply using them.
Lets say for example you learn the formula S = a * h
If you dont' understand what it physically means, then it is no point to learn it.
You may know, that you can calculate a number with it, but you might not know, that by multiplaying one number by other, then it makes a rectangle, and when multiplying again, it makes a 3D shape.
For example
a = 4;
h = 2;

** //only h

**** //multiplyed with
**** //a

** //and another variant of that shape

Imagine the logic!
The point of this tip is to think logivally - go as deep as you can, for example: once I asked my chemistry teacher for half an our about different things.

In C/C++ don't just learn the functions:
for example "cout << "
At first I didn't know what it means.
But now I know it is a class and << is an overloaded operator.

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