Understanding the Principal of Referenced Object & Referencing Object.

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the core characteristic behaviour of reference vars are only to return the
instance object they refer to.

class A{
A(int n = 2): mi(n) {}
~A() {}
const int& getvalue() const { return mi; }

friend const int* getInstanceMemberAddress(const A& instA);
int mi;
int mj;

const int* getInstanceMemberAddress(const A& instA)
return &instA.mi;

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
A a1;
A a2 = 5;

/* at this point 'a2.getvalue()' was interpreted as a const reference to int type it's job only to return the object it refers to.. which can be describes as followed:

{ const int& A:: mi; } */

int nn = a2.getvalue(); // int nn = const int& A::mi;

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