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Quiz: Functions

If you haven't already done so, be sure to read through Cprogramming.com's tutorial on Functions in C++. Otherwise, best of luck with the quiz!

1. Which is not a proper prototype?
A. int funct(char x, char y);
B. double funct(char x)
C. void funct();
D. char x();

2. What is the return type of the function with prototype: "int func(char x, float v, double t);"
A. char
B. int
C. float
D. double

3. Which of the following is a valid function call (assuming the function exists)?
A. funct;
B. funct x, y;
C. funct();
D. int funct();

4. Which of the following is a complete function?
A. int funct();
B. int funct(int x) {return x=x+1;}
C. void funct(int) {cout<<"Hello"}
D. void funct(x) {cout<<"Hello"}

Answer Key
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