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TipAuthorRating (votes)
Use makefilecjediknight 5.6
char *pa; and char a[];avdtech 5.6
Passing array elements to functionsUmer khan 5.6
take advantage of array indiciesDave 5.6
Keep a cool head when programmingSentralia 5.6
Fast multiplicationJean-François Geyelin 5.5
Benefits of inline functionsAli Nawkhas Murad 5.5
Safely using strncpyoliv29 5.5
String to integerMayur Avhad 5.5
Code Optimization TipsBasker Swaminathan 5.5
Pointer arithmetic hackVivek Ahlawat 5.5
Write it out on paperrakesh kumar 5.5
Instantiate a singleton class i.e no more than one instance possibleAnjan Ghose 5.5
use of ! operatormrinal jha 5.5
Pointer Memory allocationKrishnamoorthi 5.5
Initialise all variables before useMounish 5.5
Long variable namesCarl 5.5
Fix all compiler warningsrickey 5.5
Doing calculationsLinuxguru 5.5
Indent your ProgramPrashant Sahay 5.5
Effective Modularity in ProgrammingSharma PCS 5.5
Use the Appropriate VariablesMahesh Kumar.S 5.5
compiler tipJulian Sutherland 5.4
Differences between class and structAli Nawkhas Murad 5.4
difference between float and doubleankit panwar 5.4
Multiply rather than DivideReese Moore 5.4
High performance loopingRachana 5.4
Prefer pre-increment and pre-decrementKarl 5.4
Make backupsVox 5.4
think before you codeTimofei Gerasimov 5.4

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