Content Usage Policy

Distributing Tutorials

You are encouraged to link to the tutorials directly on the server rather than host the files remotely in order to maintain the most up-to-date content.
You may, however, include the text of the tutorials on your site, provided that you first obtain explicit written permission from the copyright holder. You may request permission by contacing [email protected]. You must also follow these guidelines:
  • Include a link directly to ( next to the link to the tutorials that reside on your server

  • Include a credit notice on all pages derived from the content of these tutorials. The credit notice should be similar to the following:

    "Tutorial from by Alex Allain. serves programming audiences with tutorials and articles on programming, along with free source code and an active message board."

    Please note that the tutorials, articles and other content on this site that have no name listed for the author are written by Alex Allain. All other tutorials are written by the author given. In all cases, you must include the name of the original author.

    Note that the text must include a direct link to and must appear at the top of each page.

  • You must include these usage requirements on your site if you are hosting the tutorials remotely. You may link directly to this page,, but the link must be noticeable.

  • This policy does not apply to content sold through, such as Jumping into C++. You are welcome to make copies of purchased content for your own personal use, but you are not permitted to redistribute it to others.