C Programming Quiz - Typecasting

Quiz: Typecasting

If you didn't do as well as you wanted to, be sure to read through Cprogramming.com's tutorial on typecasting. Otherwise, congratlations!

1. Which header file do you need to include to use typecasting?
A. stdin.h
B. ctype.h
C. math.h
D. None

2. Which is a valid typecast?
A. a(char);
B. char:a;
C. (char)a;
D. to(char, a);

3. Why can typecasting be dangerous?
A. Some conversions are not defined, such as char to int.
B. You might permanently change the value of the variable.
C. You might temporarily lose part of the data - such as truncating a float when typecasting to an int.
D. There are no dangers.

4. Which is a good use for typecasting?
A. To allow division of two integers to return a decimal value.
B. To allow your program to use nothing but integers.
C. To change the return type of a function.
D. To swap variables rapidly.

5. Which conversion is not possible?
A. int to float
B. float to int
C. char to float
D. All are possible