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Lesson 5: switch case

If you haven't already done so, be sure to read through Cprogramming.com's tutorial on Switch-Case. Otherwise, best of luck with the quiz!

1. Which follows the case statement?
A. :
B. ;
C. -
D. A newline

2. What is required to avoid falling through from one case to the next?
A. end;
B. break;
C. Stop;
D. A semicolon.

3. What keyword covers unhandled possibilities?
A. all
B. contingency
C. default
D. other

4. What is the result of the following code?
int x=0;
case 1: cout<<"One";
case 0: cout<<"Zero";
case 2: cout<<"Hello World";
A. One
B. Zero
C. Hello World
D. ZeroHello World

Answer Key
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